Snowy Campus Beauty


Session One: 1-3 p.m.

Biz Lindsay-Ryan: “Why we Need to Talk to our Children about Race and Difference”
Julia DiGangi: “The Art and Science of Suffering “
Jameson Dixon: “The Power of Self-Connection”
TED Video #1: Mellody Hobson’s “Color Blind or Color Brave”
Kelly Richmond Pope: “Why do we Hate Whistle-Blowers?”
Mariela Shaker: “Healing Through Music: A Story of Hope from the Syrian Civil War”


BREAK: 30 minutes to grab refreshments and network

Session Two: 3:30-5 p.m.

Nelly Mueller: “Careening out of  Complacency”
Brian Thompson: “Connecting Young Minorities to their Future Selves”
Doris Rusch: “Why Game Designers are Better Lovers”
TED Video #2: Clint Smith’s “The Danger of Silence”
Thomas Rietz: “I grew up in poverty. Here’s why I recognize my white privilege”
Rachel Pride: “Courage to Disconnect”


The event is currently SOLD OUT.

Please note: This year we will also have a viewing party next door to the live TEDx event. That said, seats to the live event will go to the first 100 people who check in with their registration confirmation. After the room has been filled, additional registered attendees will be directed to the viewing party next door featuring a live feed of the event.