Watch the talks from TEDxDePaulUniversity 2017

For the second year in a row, TEDxDePaulUniversity inspired more than 130 attendees and provoked important conversation within the DePaul community through the theme "Courage to Connect." The speakers, which included faculty, staff, students and alumni, spoke on a wide-range of illuminating topics from race and privilege to connection and hope. Each speaker spoke from a place of experience, sharing stories of hardship, difficult conversations, scholarship, and even war, making each talk personal and impactful. Attendees of the April event called the talks "powerful," "eye-opening," "revealing," "empowering," "thought-provoking," and "diverse." In less than one week of being posted online, taken together, the talks have been viewed more than 25,000 times on YouTube. To view a list of the 10 talks visit

Watch the talks from TEDxDePaulUniversity 2016

The DePaul community supported TEDx enthusiastically in its first year. More than 80 faculty, staff, students and alumni submitted applications to fill 12 speaker slots and 98 percent of attendees said they'd attend TEDx again. Attendees called the talks: "Insightful," "timely," "diverse," "powerful," "inspiring," "relevant," and "awakening." Combined, the powerful messages delivered in their talks have been viewed over 26,000 times since they were posted to the official TEDx YouTube channel earlier this year. With topics ranging from gentrification and refugees to finding your inner voice and campaigning for nonviolence, TEDxDePaulUniversity speakers shared their personal stories and expertise through the theme "What Must Be Done?" Watch all 12 videos here: