About TEDxDePaulUniversity

TEDxDePaulUniversity is independently organized through a license provided by TED, the idea-generating nonprofit organization. Now in its sixth year, the DePaul event unites our community for idea-driven programming and promotes our faculty, staff, student and alumni thought leaders through the world-famous TEDx platform. This year’s theme, “Metamorphosis” seeks to inspire speakers and audiences to reflect on the process of transformation from one actuality to another. Whether it’s a personal internal change or the evolution of an entire community, metamorphosis captures humanity’s commitment to progressive improvement.

By The Numbers


Surveyed attendees would attend again

2.5 million+

Views on YouTube


Seats in new Gannon Concert Hall


Attendees called the talks “inspirational,” “thought-provoking,” “necessary,” “innovative,” “transformative,” “inclusive ”and “motivational.”
“I felt empowered and inspired to be more of the person that is unafraid to dare.” ∼ TEDx 2018 Attendee.
“I admired the energy in the room, the focus of the presenters, and the value of the information.” ∼ TEDx 2017 Attendee.