About TEDxDePaulUniversity

TEDxDePaulUniversity is independently organized through a license provided by TED, the idea-generating nonprofit organization. Now in its fifth year, the DePaul event unites our community for a half-day of idea-driven programming and promotes our faculty, staff, student and alumni thought leaders through the world-famous TEDx platform. This year’s theme, “The Unexpected,” seeks to explore how some of life’s most important lessons are the ones that were unforeseen. From science and technology to the minutia of everyday life, speakers will explore ideas, tasks, research and processes that can lead to astonishing outcomes. READ MORE…

By The Numbers


Surveyed attendees would attend again

2 Million+

Views on YouTube


Seats in new Gannon Concert Hall


Attendees called the talks “inspirational,” “thought-provoking,” “necessary,” “innovative,” “transformative,” “inclusive ”and “motivational.”
“I felt empowered and inspired to be more of the person that is unafraid to dare.” ∼ TEDx 2018 Attendee.
“I admired the energy in the room, the focus of the presenters, and the value of the information.” ∼ TEDx 2017 Attendee.